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About Pay Per is the result of five years of internet marketing experience. Like you, we spent our early years honing in on the best way to market our products and reach potential clients using the vast resources of the Internet. We've tried them all, and have found that in many instances, "Pay Per Click" provides the absolute best method of reaching our customers for the least possible cost. We love the fact that no money is wasted. Pay per click provides quality leads at the exact moment they are looking for our products, and we only pay for actual clicks.

We established this website to share the information we've gleaned from our years of experience actually using Pay Per Click services in all their forms. What we present here is pure knowledge based on our own experiences and those of actual users, reviewers, and reliable industry resources. We hope you find the information informative and profitable.

As with all advice, we provide these pages only as a guide based on our own findings. We encourage you to do your own research and draw your own conclusions. But remember, with pay per click you can see results in only a few minutes, rather than waiting months for search engine spidering. And you can conduct simple tests using very little money. You decide how much you will pay. With experience you will gain confidence, however we cannot promise you will have the same success we did.

Although we strive for complete accuracy in the content of this website, with the constantly changing nature of the internet, we cannot guarantee  the accuracy of any information. Please contact individual websites to clarify costs and contracts before making any commitments.

Thank you for using We appreciate your confidence in us, and would love to receive feedback about your own experiences and how this website has helped you find more sales leads. Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts and ideas.

JC, Editor

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