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Best Pay Per Click Search Engines

Best Pay Per Click search engine to use? In this article we review some of our favorite and best Pay Per Click search engine companies. To connect with the widest reaches of Internet users in the shortest amount of time and for the least amount of money, we recommend the following top performing PPC engines:

Though there are many PPC search engines for you to choose from, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google AdWords, and MSN adCenter are the main contenders for the spot of top PPC engine. All three reach a wide audience and offer customers many advantages.

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Yahoo! charges a $30 initial set-up fee, and offers customers many tools to create a successful ad campaign. You can set a weekly budget, and Yahoo! will help you chose your bid amount based on your budget and keywords. It also offers tools to help you select keywords, target a specific location, and test out different ads to find out which one is the most successful.

Google AdWords

Google is currently the leading name in Internet searches. A Google AdWords account has an initial set-up fee of $5. It offers different types of accounts based on user needs and will help you set up a website if you don't already have one. Minimum bids on Google AdWords start at 1 cent per click, and you can set a daily budget of how much you are willing to spend. Google Analytics tools can help you track and improve your ad campaign.

MSN adCenter

Microsoft's MSN adCenter, with an initial set-up fee of $5 and a minimum per-click bid of 5 cents, is another major PPC search engine. MSN adCenter lets you set a monthly budget. It offers many tools online to help you improve your ad campaign results, including online learning modules about running a successful PPC ad campaign.

These three PPC search engines all offer competitive features and any one of them is probably a good choice for your PPC ad campaign. You can use all three to reach the widest audience, or choose one or two that seem to best meet your needs. Visit the website for each of these PPC search engines to see which ones best fit your needs and which ones you feel most comfortable using to help you make your choice.

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