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Broad Match Keywords

Bidding broad means trying out a lot of keywords at low bid rates until you find the ones that generate the most hits. You can then increase your bids on just those keywords that are the most successful, focusing your advertising dollars where they do the most good. Bidding broad match lets you test out keywords and bids to find the ones that work best for your business.

When you select keywords to bid on, some PPC search engines like Google AdWords give you a variety of choices of how you want a potential customer's search terms to relate to your keywords. Regardless of which type of matching you choose, bidding broad can be a good strategy for finding the best keywords for your pay per click ad.

Broad Match

Broad match is the standard type of keyword match. With broad match, your ad may come up if someone searches for any combination or variation of your keywords. If your keyword is red roses, then your ad could come up if the potential customer types in "roses red," "fresh red roses," or "why are roses red?" It could also come up if someone searched for "Why was the moon red when it rose?"

This type of match reaches the widest possible audience, which may include people who aren't as interested in your products or services. Bidding broad can help you refine your keywords if you choose a broad match so you reach the audience that is most interested in the products or services you sell.

Phrase Match

If you select a phrase match for your keywords, then your ad will only have a chance of appearing if someone types in the whole phrase in their search, possibly including other terms before or after the phrase. So, if your keyword is "red roses," your ad could appear when someone types in "red roses", "order red roses," or "organic red roses," but not if they search for "why are roses red?"

If you use phrase match, fewer people may see your ad, but those who do see it are more likely to be interested in what you are offering. You can use bidding broad to determine which phrase or phrases get the best results, or which phrases people looking for your products or services are most likely to use when they search, before committing a lot of money to a few phrases.

Exact Match

Exact match means that your ad will only come up if someone types in your keywords exactly. So, if you used [red roses], your ad could only appear if someone typed in "red roses," not "organic red roses," "buy red roses," or "red roses delivered." With exact match not as many people are likely to see your ad, but you can target your audience very specifically, such as by using [organic red roses] or [have red roses delivered].

With exact match it may be wise to start by bidding broadly, with low bids on many search terms, then eliminate the keywords that aren't successful and bid higher, if needed, on the ones that are. This can help you find the specific niche that your ad and website can fill, and avoid competing with many other websites that have a broad match keyword similar to yours.

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