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Get Traffic with Google AdWords

Google AdWords is a pay per click advertising program that lets you place your ads on the very successful Google search engine and their network of advertising affiliates.  Google pay per click advertising helps target customers and is the best PPC search engine.

Why Google AdWords?

Google is one of the largest and most successful internet search engines, with millions of users performing billions of searches on Google every month. That means that your advertisement with Google AdWords can potentially reach millions of customers through Google and its affiliates.

When you place an ad with Google AdWords, your ad may begin to show up when people search for associated keywords as soon as you finish setting up your account, which is much faster than most other kinds of advertising. You pay a $5 setup fee, then set how much you want to pay per click, with bids starting as low as 1 cent per click. The amount you bid affects your ranking, or how often your ad shows up when people search for your keywords on Google. You can also set a daily or monthly budget to control your advertising costs.

Google AdWords allows you to modify your bids anytime you like, and you can also stop or pause your advertising campaign if needed; Google does not require you to commit to a specific amount of time.

How do I get started with Google AdWords?

To get started with Google AdWords, you need a website; if you don't already have a website for your business, Google will help you create one. Then, Google will walk you through their account set up process, which includes selecting your location and language, writing your ad and choosing keywords, setting your budget, and verifying your account.

Google offers many short articles and tools to help you with this process. Once your start up fee has been paid, your account is active and your ad may begin to appear. Google may review your ad before it runs, but this is usually a fast process, and your ad should start reaching potential customers soon.

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