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Success with Google PPC

Google AdWords offers many helpful tools for new and experienced pay per click advertisers to run a successful pay per click advertising campaign.  This article explains the Google search engine pay per click tools such as the Google keyword suggestion tool.

Starter versus Standard Edition

When you sign up for Google AdWords, you will have the choice between their Starter and Standard Edition. The start-up costs are the same, but they are geared toward different users. Starter Edition is best for those who do not already have a website, who have never run a pay per click advertising campaign, or who have a small local business that only sells one product. The Standard Edition offers tools to help you if you have a larger or more complex business or audience.

Starter Edition Tools

Google AdWords Starter Edition offers tools to help new or small businesses manage their pay per click advertising campaign. When you log into your AdWords account you have the ability to control your campaign and access these tools. When you go to your My Ad Campaign page you can see your ad, change your ad's settings like language and budget, and see how well your ad is doing.

A useful Starter Edition tool is the health meter, which tells you if your ads are displaying as you indicated that you want them too and gives you suggestions for correcting problems with your keywords, budget, or account.

The Google Budget Optimizer is a tool that automatically helps you make the most of your budget. The Budget Optimizer decides, based on your location and target audience, when the best times are to run your ad so it will reach the largest number of your potential customers.

Standard Edition Tools

Google AdWords Standard Edition provides you with the tools to run your pay per click advertising campaign if you have a more complex business or have more experience with pay per click advertising. Standard Edition lets you run a campaign for multiple products or keywords, use a variety of types of ads, and get an in-depth analysis of your campaign's results.

Some of the more advanced tools available with Google AdWords include Ad Diagnostics, which helps you determine if anything needs to be improved in your advertisements, and advanced reporting. Advanced reporting lets you find out which keywords and web pages are most successful, in what regions your ad is being clicked most often, what types of searches are bringing people to your ad, any invalid or fraudulent clicks that were filtered from your account, and sometimes demographic information about who is clicking on your ads. This information can tell you what's working for your ad campaign and how you can improve it.

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