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Google vs. Yahoo!

Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search are undisputedly the most far reaching and effective pay per click search engines on the Internet. In this article we help you learn the pro's and con's of advertising with Google versus Yahoo, and with which of these top pay per click search engines your advertising dollars will be best spent.  Google vs. Yahoo!

Currently the two biggest names in pay per click advertising are Google AdWords and Yahoo! Search Marketing. Both reach large audiences, are relatively easy to set up, offer reasonably good customer service, and make efforts to protect customers against click fraud. Though advertisers can choose to use both Google and Yahoo!, if you are trying to choose one over the other it helps to compare a few quick points that may help you decide which is best for you.


Both Yahoo! and Google require an initial setup fee. Yahoo! charges $30, and Google's fee is $5. Yahoo! allows customers to set a weekly budget, while Google has a daily budget option to control your costs. The cost you will pay per click with either search engine will vary depending on how competitive your keyword is and how high you want it to appear in the rankings. It may pay off to check with both search engines and see which one seems to suggest a lower cost per click for your chosen keywords.


Google and Yahoo! both offer tools to help you manage your pay per click ad campaign. Most of the tools become available after you set up your account, but both PPC search engines offer a few tools before you have an account so you can estimate how much your ad campaign will cost.

Google Analytics allows you to track hits and analyze your PPC ad campaign so you can improve your rankings and ROI. Google also has a tool that gives you greater control in deciding which webpages your ads might appear on. Another Google tool lets you target only local audiences. Google offers two sign-up options depending on your business size and experience; the simpler version helps you set up your webpage if you don't have one already.

Yahoo! offers reporting tools to help you analyze and improve your campaign. Its Keyword Suggestion Tool helps you to choose the best keywords, and Yahoo! allows you to rotate different ads to find the one that gets you the best results. Another tool from Yahoo! lets you target your ads to particular location.

When choosing a major PPC search engine, you can use both Google and Yahoo! to reach a wider audience, or find the search engine that best fits your needs. When deciding which search engine to use, visit both of their websites and see how comfortable you feel using the services and tools they have available before you set up your account. Because the PPC advertising world is very competitive, Google and Yahoo! both work to improve their services and appeal to customers, so it is helpful to check both search engines from time to time to see what new features or services they may be offering.

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