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Search Term Suggestion Tool

Keyword suggestion tools help find keywords that your competition may have missed. A good keyword list is essential to the success of your pay per click marketing campaign. We like the Google Keyword Suggestion Tool the best. Followed by the Yahoo Keyword Suggestion Tool.

One of the most important decisions you have to make when setting up or improving your PPC ad campaign is which keywords you should use. If you are unsure of which keywords to choose, or want to see if there may be good keywords you haven't thought of, search term suggestion tools can help you.

Finding the right keyword for your PPC ad campaign is often difficult. The most obvious keyword may be a popular one that requires you to pay more per bid, while a more obscure keyword may be cheaper but bring much less traffic to your website. Ideally, you will find a keyword that fits your website's products or services, gets many searches per day, and is not in the expensive category of most the popular keywords.

Instead of using trial and error to find the best keywords for your campaign, a search term suggestion tool may be able to help you. A search term suggestion tool can give you a list of potential keywords based on the products or services your website offers. Most PPC search engines offer these tools when you set up your account, and many others are available online for free.

Another great way to get search term suggestions is to use a search count check tool. These tools have data about which keywords people search for, and how often they search for them. With these tools you can type in your keyword, and the tool will give you a list of related keywords ranked by how often people search for them. This may give you ideas for keywords that are searched for often, but may not be so popular that they are expensive to bid on.

Some free tools that can help you find good keyword suggestions are:


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