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What About LookSmart?

In the competitive world of Pay Per Click advertising, PPC search engines often rise and fall in popularity. LookSmart was a major online business marketing partner with a Pay Per Click component, but it has struggled recently to find its place in the PPC world. Advertisers should do a lot of research before deciding if LookSmart is a good investment for their advertising dollars.

LookSmart started out as a search directory, but switched tracks to become a PPC advertising provider. Its higher per-click rates kept it from being as popular as other PPC search engines, which resulted in the loss of search marketing partners such as MSN. Since MSN broke away from LookSmart to start adCenter, LookSmart's status has dropped. It is now struggling to find its niche in the online business world.

What does LookSmart have to offer?

LookSmart still has a variety of marketing partners despite the loss of MSN, including some that reach overseas audiences in English-speaking parts of the world. LookSmart has also begun to support niche or vertical PPC search engines, which may benefit both the company and its customers.

Though LookSmart is now a smaller PPC search engine and no longer has the wide audience it once did, some PPC ad campaigns might benefit from using it, especially if your goal is to get your name out on the Internet or reach overseas markets, or if you are interesting in trying out a vertical PPC search engine.

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