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Making Money from PPC Engines

Your website can benefit from pay per click ads you place on PPC search engines, but you can also earn money from PPC search engines if you turn your website into a PPC search engine affiliate. Google Adsense and Yahoo Publisher help you earn with pay per click.

Search Engine Affiliates

Search engine affiliates are websites that host PPC search engines' ads. If you are a search engine affiliate, pay per click ads related to the content of your site will appear in a designated location on your website. Anytime someone clicks on a pay per click ad displayed on your site you get a portion of the bid amount that the PPC search engine earns from the click.

Google AdSense

Google AdSense allows you to team with Google to place pay per click ads on your website. They screen out your competitors' ads and inappropriate ads so the pay per click advertisements placed on your website match your content and offer interesting products or services to your visitors. When a visitor clicks on an ad from your site, your account with Google is credited and the money is deposited into your bank account each month. You can also set up a Google search engine on your website that supports PPC ads and get paid when someone performs a search from your site and clicks on one of these ads.

Yahoo! Publisher

Yahoo! Publisher is another PPC search engine you can team with to host pay per click ads on your website that are related to your content. Yahoo! allows you to chose an ad format that fits the look and style of your page, and screens out competitors' ads so they don't appear on your page. Yahoo! offers several ways for you to get paid when a visitor clicks on a pay per click ad, including through PayPal.

Becoming a PPC search engine affiliate can be an easy way to make extra money with your website. Your profits from ads that have high bids will add up quickly, but even ads with lower bids can ad up to a significant amount when enough of your visitors click on them.

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