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Niche Pay Per Click Engines

Niche pay per click engines, also known as vertical search engines, are a growing trend in the PPC search engine business and offer several advantages for advertisers. Find the pros and cons of niche or vertical pay per click search engines.

Popular search engines are exploding with websites. For any given search there can be a million web sites that apply. Too many search results can be "too much of a good thing." Search engine users that are screaming "Enough already! Just give me what I want!" are turning to niche search engines or niche pay per click engines to find narrowed down and concentrated search results.

What is a vertical search engine?

While search engines such as Google search a huge array of web sites and return thousands or millions of hits, vertical search engines only search websites that deal with a specific topic, such as medical, travel, business, or wedding websites. This means a person who is looking for something specific doesn't have to sort through as many unrelated websites to find the one they are looking for. For instance, someone planning a vacation to Mexico could use a travel-related vertical search engine to find only websites related to travel in Mexico, and not have to sort through those dedicated to news, politics, or other topics.

Niche engines and PPC

Vertical search engines have several advantages for PPC advertisers. Perhaps the most important one is that the audience for these search engines is usually more interested and motivated than people doing a general search, and may be more likely to make a purchase. This means that you don't waste advertising money on people who aren't that interested in your products and services, or who are actually looking for something different. In addition, many vertical search engines are less expensive than regular PPC search engines, which also helps to make the most of your advertising budget.

A disadvantage of niche PPC engines, at this point, is that they are still not as popular or well known as the larger, more general PPC search engines. This means that many people in your potential audience may not be using vertical search engines yet, though this could change as vertical search engines become more popular. Also, vertical search engines do not yet exist for every type of product or service, so it may be hard to find one that fits your business.

If a vertical search engine does exist for your business, it can be a good way to make your advertising budget go farther and get a higher return on investment. You can use vertical search engines alone, or, to reach the largest audience, use one in addition to one or more major PPC search engines.

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