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Which PPC Search Engine?

There are many pay per click search engines out there, and some are better than others. The three biggest names in pay per click advertising are Yahoo! Search Marketing, Google AdWords, and MSN adCenter.  PPC search engines can expand your reach to get more customers.

Yahoo! Search Marketing

Yahoo! Search Marketing, previously the very successful Overture and Goto pay per click services, is one of the big names is pay per click advertising. Yahoo! Search Marketing requires an initial $30 payment, then helps you set a cost per click to stay roughly in a weekly budget you set. Yahoo! allows you to test out multiple ads to determine which one is the most successful, and offers customer support and other marketing tools to help you create the best possible campaign.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords is run through Google and its many advertising partners, including AOL and The New York Times. AdWords charges a $5 set-up fee and allows you to set a minimum cost per click as low as 1 cent. It also allows you to set a daily budget to control your costs. Google AdWords offers tools to help you target local audiences and improve your advertising campaign.

MSN adCenter

MSN adCenter, a Microsoft product, is another popular pay per click service. Its set up fee is only $5 and its minimum bid is 5 cents per click. It allows you to set up a monthly budget for you advertising campaign. MSN adCenter offers telephone customer service and has tools available online to help you target your ads and improve your results.

These three pay per click search engines all reach a large audience and offer useful services to help their customers. When choosing which pay per click service to use, consider the costs of the program as well as the benefits they provide to you so you can pick the pay per click provider that best suits your needs.

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