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Pay Per Click Testing

Pay per click testing and A/B testing is very important. It can help your PPC campaign be a success with a little testing. Pay per click testing is where you test bids, placements, and ad units to find the best pay per click combo.

Once you have your pay per click ad up and running you are ready to start fine-tuning it to get the best possible results for your business. Most PPC search engines allow you to make ongoing changes to your ad, which gives you the opportunity to test different changes and see which ones get you the best results.

Setting Initial Bids

Usually when you set your initial bids for your pay per click ads you are testing out what you think will work best. Most PPC search engines will make recommendations on a good starting bid based on your keywords. If you have very competitive keywords you will need to start with a higher bid, but if your keywords are less frequently used you can probably start with a lower bid. You can find out how popular your keyword is by typing it into a search engine and seeing how many relevant hits and ads come up when you do.

Most people adjust their bids over time to improve their ranking or get the most out of their advertising budget. Once a week is a good time for most people to adjust bids, though people with very competitive keywords may want to check several times a week or even once a day.

Testing New Ad Formats

Most PPC search engines allow you to adjust the wording or format of your PPC ads. You may find that improving the text of your ad will increase your clicks and improve your rankings. Your PPC search engine may also offer other formats, like pictures or video. Depending on your product, these formats may also get you more clicks.

Trying Out New Keywords

Sometimes you may also want to experiment with keyword selection. If you are using a very obscure or a very popular keyword, you may be able to find other keywords that will get you more traffic or better results. Many PPC search engines allow you to try several keywords at once so you can see which ones do best. Test out different keywords that customers looking for your products might type in when they do a web search. Also, think about the text of your ad and what keywords you might find there.

As you test your bid amount, ad format, and keywords you will find ways to improve your PPC success by increasing customer traffic and getting the most out of your budget. Keep track of the changes you make and the results you see with each change. Remember to give changes enough time for you to test them out and see what gets you the best results.


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