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Smaller PPC Engines

Learn the reasons you should advertise with smaller pay per click search engines, and when it is best to stick with the big guys. Small pay per click engines offer some advantages to pay per click advertisers, but users should be aware of the pros and cons of using small PPC engines.

Advantages of small PPC engines

The main advantage of small PPC engines is the smaller scale of the competition. This means that start-up fees for small PPC engines may be less than those of larger PPC engines, and it is usually easier and cheaper to get the top spots in your chosen keywords.

Another reason that some advertisers use small pay per click engines is to build name recognition. While large PPC engines like Google and Yahoo! reach a larger audience than small PPC engines, it can be hard to get your business to show up in the top rankings. By using a number of small PPC engines, it is easier to get your name out on the Internet and build name recognition.

Disadvantages of small PPC engines

The biggest disadvantage of small PPC engines is that they generally do not offer the same quality of service that big PPC engines do. This means that you may be more likely to be the victim of click fraud because the small PPC engine does not monitor where clicks are coming from. Also, the customer service may not be as good with small PPC engines, so it can be harder to get help or to address problems, like if you discover that you are the victim of click fraud.

Another problem with small PPC search engines is that the traffic that they direct to your site may not be as targeted as that of bigger PPC engines. Small PPC engines may not have a good system in place to match your keywords with what people are searching for, so your ads may show up on web pages or search pages that are not really related to what you are offering.

A final issue to be aware of when considering small PPC engines is that some of them pay customers to click on pay per click ads. This results in businesses getting charged for clicks from customers who are not really very interested in their products.

If you are considering using a small PPC engine, make certain that the engine you are choosing has the highest quality possible in customer service, preventing click fraud, and directing appropriate, targeting traffic to your website. Talk to other people about their experiences with the engine, or look for reviews from unbiased sources. A small search engine that has been around for several years may be a safer bet than a new one, but do research before you decide which small PPC engines to use.

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