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Glossary Term A – Pay Per Click List

Ad Click
Number of times a particular ad is clicked.

Ad Views
Also known as impressions. The number of times an ad is viewed by a browser. If an ad is blocked by a firewall or web filter and not seen by the consumer, but the browser attempted to attain the information, often the ad is considered viewed even though it was not.

When referring to Internet marketing, an affiliate is an independent party that promotes the products or services of a merchant in exchange for a commission. Affiliates can also be termed a partner, an associate or a reseller.

Affiliate Network
An affiliate network is an organization that facilitates the relationship between merchants and affiliates, providing links, banners, program sign-up, sales tracking, and payment services. Ex. Commission Junction

Affiliate Program
An advertising program offering a monetary incentive for webmasters to drive traffic to the advertiser's website. This eliminates the necessity for the advertiser to find websites with related content to list their banners. It also increases the response rate by giving the "affiliate" websites a stake in the response rate. Affiliate programs are a great plan for the websites offering them, but the websites that participate often become underpaid sales representatives.

Affiliate Program
An affiliate program is any type of revenue sharing program where a webmaster or web site receives a portion of income for generating leads, traffic, or sales through a graphic or text link to a merchant web site. A potentially lucrative Internet marketing model for both parties.

A procedure or formula for solving a problem. In this industry algorithm is referred to in reference to a search engine's way of indexing and ranking web sites/pages.

A name, usually short and easy to remember, that is translated into another name, usually long and difficult to remember. DNS does aliasing. It is a lot easier to remember than

ALT Text - Alternative Text
Alternative text" that is placed in the code for an image in an HTML page. Text provided with an image as an alternative to viewing the actual image. It will appear before the image is fully loaded, if your visitor has their graphics turned off, and if your visitor positions their mouse on the image. Alt text is also important because search engine spiders often read it.

Alta Vista
A popular search engine with the largest database on the web, indexing more than 140 million pages. Its main URL is Until 1998, this search engine provided the search facility for Yahoo. Altavista indexes all the words in a web page, and new pages are normally added to the database fairly quickly, within a couple of working days. You are asked to submit just the main page of your site. The Altavista spider will then explore your site and index a representative sample of the pages. Some problems with spamming have been noticed. The use of keyword meta tags is penalized. Altavista places various alternative options before its search results, including suggested questions (using the Ask Jeeves service), RealNames. Paid entries are beginning to appear at the start of the search results.

Anonymous FTP
Where FTP is a way to login to another Internet site for the purpose of retrieving and sending files, anonymous FTP is the method Internet sites have established for logging via an account name to publicly accessible material obtainable through FTP.

AOL - America Online
AOL stands for America Online, a leading online service. America Online provides Internet access plus a number of member services, such as news, special-interest areas, and virtual chat rooms.

Also Search engine where users can enter a question and the engine will find 'the answer' with their listings.


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