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Glossary Term B – Pay Per Click List

Referring to the number of unique web sites that are linking to your web site or home page.

An advertisement on a webpage, usually containing graphics, containing a link to the advertising page.


A bid is the cost per click through pay per click advertisers are willing to pay. Or a formal proposal to buy clicks at a specified price.

Bid Tools

Software and programs available to assist advertisers in keeping up with bidding competition and managing bid amounts.

Bidding Broad
Bidding broad involves bidding a low maximum bid amount on thousands of keywords at once for the same pay per click ad.

Payment an affiliate receives for sales, leads, or traffic to a merchant. Can be a set dollar amount, percentage of sale, price per click or other various forms of payment.

Broad Keywords
These are very general keywords that are searched often. Often for information purposes rather than purchasing reasons. For some sites and keywords, broad keywords can convert well enough to have a positive ROI, but in general they don't have the conversion rate of more specific keywords. (ex. travel, real estate)


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