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Glossary Term C – Pay Per Click List

Click Through
The process of clicking on a link in a search engine output page to visit an indexed site. This is an important link in the process of receiving visitors to a site via search engines. Good ranking may be useless if visitors do not click on the link which leads to the indexed site. The secret here is to provide a good descriptive title and an accurate and interesting description.

Click-thru, Every time a visitor clicks on an advertising banner to access the advertiser's Web site, it is counted as a "click" or "click-through."

Every time a visitor clicks on an advertising banner to access the advertiser's Web site, it is counted as a "click" or "click-through."

Another name for the payment an affiliate receives for sending leads, traffic, or sales to merchant sites. Commissions can be figured on percentages, specific dollar amounts, second tier pay structures or other methods.

Commission Junction
Affiliate Network leader acts as the trusted third party that tracks and reports each ad, sends a monthly payment to publishers (affiliates), and provides a suite of online tools to help publishers optimize their performance.

Content Match

PPC search engine feature that allows advertisers to extend your reach beyond sponsored results by displaying your listings to targeted customers as they view articles, product reviews and more. When a product is searched the PPC listings matching that keyword will appear on the results page along with the regular search results. 

Cost per Click
Cost per click thru to your website. The price of placing an ad on a site based exclusively on how many times the ad is clicked on by users.

Cost Per Lead
The cost an advertiser pays per lead. This is a very common method of selling advertising. A lead can be anything from an e-mail address for a newsletter to a complete survey that needs to be completely filled out and verified in order to get credit. CPL prices can range greatly depending on the program.

A number on web pages, or hidden in stats software, that will count the number of hits or count the number of times the page has been accessed. Basically, it counts the number of people that have visited that page.

CPA - Cost per Action
Cost per action for banner ads. This is the best type of rate to pay for banner advertisements, and the worst type of rate to charge. Advertisers only pay for the visitors who click on their banner and then sign up, fill out a form, or purchase something on their website. This is most common for Affiliate Programs. My opinion is this type of payment arrangement is already an endangered species, and will soon become extinct.

CR - Conversion Ratio
Conversion Ratio for the specified time period, a Commission Junction term used in their stats and performance reports.

A crawler is much like a spider except it is programmed to constantly surf the web, following any and all links it comes across. As it visits new websites, it checks its own database to see if the site is listed. If the site is already listed, it makes note of any changes and calculates a search engine ranking for the site. If the site has not been previously listed, the crawler will record all important information, add the website to the database, and assign a ranking to it.

Cross Linking
When a group of domains that are most often owned by the same individual inner links to each other. This is often for the purpose of increasing its popularity with search engines.

CTR - Click thru Ratio
CTR is the click through ratio, a statistic taken in CJ's performance reporting to track the efficiency of text links.


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