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Glossary Term D – Pay Per Click List

Dead Link
An internet link which doesn't lead to a page or site, probably because the server is down or the page has moved or no longer exists.

Deep Linking
Linking to content buried deep within a website. These links are referred to as "deep" because they are often two or more directories deep within a website.

Direct Hit
A system which tries to measure the relevance of each site by noting which sites are clicked on most and how much time users spend in each site. HotBot uses Direct Hit in order to determine the search engine ranking of web sites. Teoma has now purchased the technology behind Direct Hit.

Direct Keywords
These keywords are directly related to your products or services. They usually include a descriptive term. These keywords make up the bulk of most campaigns, and usually have a positive ROI. They are not searched for as often as broad keywords, so sometimes a campaign can be helped by the increased exposure from broad keywords. (ex. Hawaii travel, New York real estate)

Searchable subject guide organized by topical subject or geographical region and consisting of web sites that have been reviewed and compiled by human editors. Directories are often provided as a browsable alternative to the searchable indexes of search engines. Examples: Yahoo!, The Open Directory Project and Looksmart are some of the most popular directories on the web.

Directory MOZilla, an open source directory project. Also called, ODP, an Open Directory Project, a volunteer based, human-edited search directory which produces search results for major engines like Google and AOL.

DNS - Domain Name System
A database system that translates an IP address into a domain name. DNS maintains this database for resolving host names and IP addresses. This allows users to specify remote computers by host names rather than numerical IP addresses.

A metasearch engine that searches four search engines at a time and lists the results from each engine on each page.

Domain Name
Technically speaking a domain name is an alias for a numeric code. The numeric code is called an IP address. The format of an IP address is written as four numbers separated by periods, where each number can be from zero to 255. For example, could be an IP address. The IP address is how a domain name is recognized by the domain name server. However, a long number like that is difficult for people to remember, so domain names were created to give an alias to IP addresses that would be easier for people to communicate and remember. ex.

Dynamic Content
Content that is updated frequently and is fresh and relevant for its appropriate audience. Dynamic content can include content served as a flat HTML page that is updated many times a day, content that includes sophisticated Javascript or Shockwave for an interactive experience, or content that is generated from either a file-system or a database using server-side includes, CGI scripts, Java servlets, or an application server.


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