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Glossary Term E – Pay Per Click List

The catchy name for online business. E-commerce is quickly becoming the way to do business. E-commerce includes buying and selling of goods and services via the Internet.

eCommerce is the conducting of commerce with goods and services over the Internet. It includes: consumers using the Internet to purchase goods and services online; as well as businesses selling and communicating with other businesses through the Internet.

EPC - Earnings per Click
Average Earnings Per 100 Clicks for the specified time period. CJ calculates the EPC in either 3-month or 7-day time period for merchants to easily compare affiliate programs.

EPM - Earnings per Impression
Earnings per 1000 impressions for the specified time period.

Regarded as one of the best search engines, with an index of 55 million pages. It can be slow to index new sites. The URL is Sites using frames must have a NOFRAMES section in order to be listed. Some spamming has been noticed. Excite previously ignored the DESCRIPTION meta tag, but is now using this in its listings (although the contents do not affect relevancy, which is based mainly on the title and body text). The use of gateway pages and hidden text is allowed. Excite has an audio/video search facility which is a branded component of RealNetworks' RealPlayer G2.


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