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Glossary Term H – Pay Per Click List

Hidden Text
Text on a web page which is visible to search engine spiders but not visible to human visitors (e.g. the text is the same or very similar color as the background of the web page, extremely small font is used, usage of multiple TITLE tags, the text in HTML comment, etc.). As this technique could artificially increase the relevancy of the web sites and was abused in the past it's treated as spam on most search engines.

In popular web hosting stats such as webalizer, the word "hit" is used to describe a single request made by a web browser. Hits are often confused with page views - most people don't understand that when one page is viewed several hits on the server can take place. For instance each GIF or image that loads counts as a hit.

HTTPS - Secure
The HyperText Transport Protocol (Secure), the standard encrypted communication mechanism on the World Wide Web. This is actually just HTTP over SSL.


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