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Glossary Term I – Pay Per Click List

The number of people who have seen a specific banner ad. There has been much debate over how to value and therefore charge for advertising space on a Website. Impressions is a more relevant business measurement than hits because it aggregates all the hits per page to measure the number of people who have seen a specific Web page. Online ad rates are often determined by the number of impressions. Impressions are also referred to as page views. Impressions refer to the downloading of the image from the server, not the actual clicking on the ad, so even though a page loads with an ad on it and no one sees or clicks on it, it counts as an impression.

Inbound Links
A hypertext link to a particular page from elsewhere, bringing traffic to that page. Inbound links are counted to produce a measure of the page popularity. Searches for the inbound links to a page can be made on Altavista, Infoseek and Hotbot or with the Google Toolbar's "backward links".

One of the larger search engines. It has been combined with Very sensitive to page popularity in its positioning algorithm.

Intellectual Property
The general term for intangible property rights which are a result of intellectual effort. Patents, trademarks, designs and copyright are the main intellectual property rights.

The Internet is the enormous collection of interconnected networks, connected using TCP/IP protocols. Probably the largest Wide Area Network in the world, the Internet connects tens of thousands of independent networks.

Advertising creative placed in-between the origin website and the destination website, either physically or in time. Also called a pop-up window. The interstitial is analogous to the advertising inserts in the Sunday paper that usually go straight to the trash. Newer concepts called superstitials or metastitials attempt to be more acceptable to consumers by being less intrusive, subtle and more interesting with the use of rich media components such as video.

IP Address
Internet Protocol Address, A unique number given to each domain name that is used to specify hosts and networks. For example is an IP address.

ISP - Internet Service Provider
Companies that provide access to the Internet for money. AOL with their mass marketing campaigns is a popular Internet Service Provider, or ISP.


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