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Glossary Term L – Pay Per Click List

Link Farm
A set of web pages that have been built for the sole purpose of increasing the number of incoming links to a web site. This is done in order to increase link popularity and search engine rankings. Link farms usually require a reciprocal link from sites seeking listings. Link farms are a known spam tactic and sites that participate in them are likely to be penalized or banned from the major search engines.

Link Popularity
The number of other related Web sites that link to your site. In terms of search engine positioning, quality links are more important than the number of links. Search engines are now nullifying or penalizing sites using some link farms and link exchanges such as FFA (Free For All) sites popular with mass search engine submission programs.

Link Rot
A colloquial expression referring to the tendency of hyperlinks to "decay" as their destination sites are purged from their host servers. Users experience "link rot" as hyperlinks that lead nowhere, or that prompt "Error 404: file not found" messages.

Instructions that connect one program to another, providing continuity of executions between the programs

are the most common kind of maillist.

Local Match
PPC search engine feature that allows you to precisely target customers near your business location or within your service area.Increase foot traffic or telephone inquiries by connecting with prospects that prefer to research online, but purchase offline with a local provider.

The act of entering in your credentials, usually username and password, to connect to a computer system or web site. Also the non-secret account name used to gain access to a computer system.

A Web site directory that provides commercial search listings. Probably the least important (time:results) of the medium-sized directories for webmasters to get listed in.

Lycos is another popular search engine available on the World Wide Web, once a leader, it has now taken a backseat to larger engines like Yahoo and Google.


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