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Glossary Term N – Pay Per Click List

Name Server Lookup
One can check which name server their domain is housed by performing a name server lookup. Every ip address is assigned two name servers that will vary depending on where the name is registered.

Negative Keywords
By placing a - negative sign in front of a keyword in Google AdWords you can determine the keyword a negative keyword. Meaning it is a filtered word. If your keywords contain a negative keyword, and that word is included in a search term, your ad will not show up for that search. This is useful for eliminating traffic or wasteful clicks coming from an unrelated keyword search that uses your targeted keyword. .

Standard of etiquette used when communicating via the Internet.

A World Wide Web browser program comparable to Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla.

Network Earnings (CJ)
The Network Earnings ranking (lime green bar graph) shows how advertisers (merchants) rate with other merchants in the network based on the volume of commissions earned by their affiliates. All advertisers are compared by taking each publisher's total commissions, converting that total (if necessary) to US dollars and the ranking is established. The Network Earnings are based on a scale of zero-5 bars. The ranking is calculated relative to the entire affiliate network based on commissions earned by affiliates during the previous month.

Niche Keywords
These keywords are highly specific, but have low search rates. They usually have the highest ROI and conversion rates among all keywords in  a campaign. Often, there are not enough niche keywords to only rely on these to make up a campaign as there just are not enough searches done in a month for them to sustain a business. They are a nice addition to direct keywords as they usually have a lower bid price.


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