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Glossary Term R – Pay Per Click List

A term used to describe the position of a site in a search result done on a keyword phrase. Often used in a phrase, such as, 'top search search engine ranking', this would relate to a site showing up in the first 10 or 20 results from a search done on a particular phrase.

Repeating the search engine registration process one or more times for the same page or site. Under certain circumstances, this is regarded with suspicion by the search engines, as it could indicate that someone is experimenting with spamming techniques. However, occasional re-submission of changed pages is not a problem.

Refresh Tag
A meta tag that will let you either periodically refresh the current page or switch to another page. It is formatted like this: The above meta tag will switch to the URL after 10 seconds. Change the number to change the time delay, or delete it to make the change immediate. Delete the URL to make the refresh occur in the current page.

Relative Bidding
Relative bidding is used when you want your listing either above or below another specific listing.

ROI - Return On Investment
Return On Investment. The amount of value received relative to the amount of money invested. ROI is a method of measuring the success of an ad campaign.


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