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Glossary Term S – Pay Per Click List

Search Engine
A tool that enables users to locate information on the World Wide Web. Search engines take information gathered by its bots and create a searchable index. Search engines use keywords entered by users to find Web sites which contain the information sought. Complex algorithms are involved in gathering the most relevant data/sites for a keyword search.

Search Engine Marketing
Advertising a product or service on search engine results pages. These are usually listed as "sponsored links" or "advertisement" on the results pages of popular engines.

Search Term
A single word or group of words used in a search engine document query. It also refers to the strategic keywords used to optimize Web page content.

Search Term Suggestion Tool

Tools that help advertisers decide which keywords, or search terms, to bid on and use in pay per click ads. Overture's search term suggestion tool is free and effective.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization is the constantly changing and very competitive practice of designing web sites and pages to rank as highly as possible in search results from search engines. When a search is done in a search engine the first web sites to appear on the list under sponsored links are the best search engine optimized sites for the keyword entered in.

Site Match
Overture's special Site match feature which allows you to Increase your coverage on search results pages. Submit a few pages or your entire site to the database that powers standard (non-sponsored) search results for top web portals. Placement is based on relevance to search terms, not bids, and complements your presence in Precision Match™.

The bane of computer existence, Spam is the pollution of unsolicited email and the misuse of mailing lists to send a message to large amounts of people who did not ask for the email to be sent. Term is generally agreed to have originated from a Monty Python skit where the term is repeatedly used. Spam is also a processed canned meat product.

A spider, or Web crawler, is a program that finds all the links from a page and returns them to another program for processing. All web sites submitted to an Internet search engine rely on the search engine's spider robots to discover new Web sites, pages, and changes and update their index accordingly.

Software that secretly installs other software on a users computer and monitors the computer’s use without the user’s knowledge or consent. Worse than spam, Spyware is a curse to the technical world.

Stop Words
In database searching, "stop words" are small and frequently occurring words like and, or, in, of that are often ignored when keyed as search terms. Sometimes putting them in quotes " " will allow you to search them. Sometimes + immediately before them makes them searchable.

Typically known as a "domain within a domain", subdomains are individual Web addresses built upon a pre-existing domain name (such as As a reseller, you will have the option of assigning subdomains to clients if they do not choose to have a domain name.

To suggest a website to be included in a search engine or directory, so that it may be evaluated and included in search results.

Submission Service
A service which charges a fee to submit your site to the search engines for you. Using these services is no longer necessary as it is free to submit to the search engines and submitting to five engines can get your site listed in the main engines. Submission services can be useful in getting listed in the minor engines.


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