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Glossary Term W – Pay Per Click List

Web Crawler
Metasearch engine powered by InfoSpace.

Web Page
The building blocks of a web site, a web page is a document, usually written in HTML, that is designed for viewing in a web browser.

Web Space
Disk space or web space is the amount of space you are allowed to take up on the web host's hard drive. In most cases this is limited, so that they can store many web sites on one hard drive or server.

An individual who manages or administrates a web site(s). Webmasters make sure web server hardware and software is running properly, design the website, create and update web pages, reply to user feedback, and monitor traffic through the site.

Web pages and their necessary images, media files, and other files collectively make up a web site. This collection appears to users as a single web server, and share the same basic URL. Also, web site.

WWW - World Wide Web
World Wide Web is often used to refer to the Internet. It is specifically the universe of web servers that serve web pages to the web browsers. The World Wide Web is often just called the Web for short.


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