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Enhance Interactive Review

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Reviewer's Comments:

Enhance Interactive, formerly ah-ha, is a well designed user support oriented pay per click and pay per inclusion search engine. They were started as a clean and family friendly engine which has drawn Enhance a highly targeted user audience. Advertisers benefit from an assigned customer support agent to help them get going and low minimum bids.

Statement from Enhance:

"Reach your customers when they're truly engaged - a step beyond the search engines. Sometimes your best customers are the toughest to acquire. They are experienced Web users, and they know the information they want and where to get it. These customers establish usage patterns based on content and research that meets their buying needs and interests, outside of the Web search environment.

So how do you move outside of Web search with your customers? Contextual Advertising is a catch-all label for our extensive network of content-targeted ad opportunities. Enhance Interactive offers keyword-targeted, categorical, CPC, and run of network inventory. Whether it's a text link in a JupiterMedia email newsletter, a directory listing on NetZero or Juno, skyscraper/banner ads on leading vertical sites like MSN Zone, or EarthLink, Contextual Advertising fits your needs."

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