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Juvio Review

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Reviewer's Comments:

Juvio is a relatively new pay per click search engine accepting all categories. They offer a trademarked "Traffic Validation System" so you don't get charged for search engine spider, fraud and repeated clicks. Juvio also claims to be a family friendly or "safe" search engine.

Statement from Juvio:

"Performance Based Advertising Works
As a Preferred Site you will not only gain premium placement, but only pay for unincentivized, search driven, unique visits to your site.

Advertiser Traffic Validation System™
Juvio has built a proprietary fraud prevention system (TVS) to protect our advertisers from paying for robot/spider traffic, same user clicks and other fraudulent click activity that kills conversions and campaign performance.

Category Specific Pricing
Forget the days of high priced key words and competing with outlandish click bidding wars. Juvio's search results combine consumer site ratings with savvy key word selection giving you targeted high quality traffic. You pay the most competitively priced click available.
Online Campaign Management
On top of your Juvio search optimization consultant, you will have a host of back office tools at your disposal. With Juvio, you get no nonsense numbers, so you can gauge campaign effectiveness plus you have complete control over your keywords, phrases, site description and so much more…
Juvio Search Optimization Consultant
Rest assured whether it's your first advertising campaign or you're a seasoned Internet veteran, a Juvio Search Optimization Consultant will be on call to assist any and all of your needs."

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