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Ban-X Review

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Reviewer's Comments:

Ban-X has low .01 minimum bids and a $10 start up fee. They are giving bonus cash for new customers and offering instant activation.

Statement from Ban-x:

When you list your site on, you will receive a 250% Bonus added to your account with your first deposit! For example, make an initial deposit of only $10 and receive $25 Extra FREE!

Other benefits of listing your site on

You get what you pay for!
You only pay for unique high quality traffic that we deliver to your website!

Bidding starts at ONLY $0.01 (1 cent)!
With bids starting at only $0.01, you will get up to 1,000 highly targeted hits to your site for only $10.00!

Low $10 deposit to maintain your account!
At a rate of only $0.01 per click, $10.00 could mean up to 1,000 highly targeted hits to your website! Not bad for only $10.00!

Deposits credited in real time!
When you make a deposit, it will be shown in your account instantly meaning you can begin advertising immediately! No need for you to wait for credit card processing!

Account management in real time!
You will have access to your account with real time details 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year!

Your listings posted instantly!
With our filtering technology, you don't have to wait for our company to verify your listings. Enter your website details right now and have your website listed right now!

All major credit cards accepted!
We accept ALL major credit cards as well as debit cards and PayPal!

250% Bonus on First Deposits!
You will receive a 250% bonus in addition to your first deposit! This means that if your first deposit is only $10.00, we will instantly credit your account with an additional $25 on top of that - completely FREE!
With all of those great benefits and the 250% Bonus (which is only available for a limited time), go ahead and sign-up for your FREE account today!

Visit Site: Ban-X
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